Pelikan Fount India Bottled Ink

Pelikan Fount India Bottled Ink

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Pelikan's Indelible Ink!


A compromise is the Fount India. This ink is opaque and light resistant, i.e., it is also a document proof ink, with almost the same quality as Scribtol because it also contains soot, but in lower quantity than Scribtol ink. This ink can be used with piston fountain pens or with a converter in cartridge pens, too. The fountain pen must be rinsed with cold water regularly.

Carbon pigment is a component of the Fount India formula. As a result, this ink possesses almost the same level of light-fastness as our Scribtol ink.

What is important, however, is that the ink does not dry out or dry up completely in your fountain pen. To avoid this happening, you should regularly rinse out your fountain pen with cold water. Quality, made in Germany.

The ink Fount India is well-covering and non-fading, which makes it a permanent ink, particularly suitable for artworks and important documents to last for many years.