*Firefly by Penlux

*Firefly by Penlux

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We’re thrilled to introduce the latest creation by Penlux fine pens: The Penlux Masterpiece Delgado "Firefly."


Nature's Elegance in Your Hand

Inspired by the ethereal glow and captivating charm of the firefly species, the "Firefly" is not just a pen—it's an experience. With each stroke, the “Firefly” evokes the same wonder and awe that one feels on a tranquil evening surrounded by the gentle glimmer of fireflies.


Design Highlights

  • Color: A mesmerizing semi-transparent blue that reflects the enchanting hues of twilight, with silver sparkles that are reminiscent of the natural beauty of fireflies in their element.
  • Trim Details: The pen boasts a sleek black clip and trim, providing a sophisticated contrast against its azure backdrop.
  • Nib: The Firefly comes with a black IP plated stainless steel nib, perfect for those who cherish both form and function in their writing instruments. Note: 14k and 18k gold nib options are finished in gold and not black IP plated. And for the first time, a stainless steel “Flex” nib is also available. This innovative nib allows for enhanced versatility in writing, catering to both broad and fine strokes with ease.
    • German Jowo #6 Black IP plated stainless steel nib: Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1 Stub, Flex (New!)
    • 14K Gold Flex, and 18K Gold Fine and Medium
  • Grip Section: Meticulously designed with both aesthetics and ergonomics in mind, the grip section of the pen is black plated metal. This not only augments the pen's stunning appearance but also lends a subtle weight to it, ensuring impeccable balance during writing.
  • Fill System: Piston fill system made of Aluminum alloy with 1 mL capacity
  • Pen Size: 5.63” x 0.62”
  • MSRP:
    • Black IP plated stainless steel: $170.00