About Xpens

The Xpen production process is created with emphasis on high quality, and state of the art technology with accurate finish. We assure strict quality control and thorough inspection before any product leaves our factory.

With your comfort in mind, our new and improve, ultimate series, has become the quality choice for those that appreciate the very best in quality and design.

The combination of our unique series design, and our attractive international pricing policy, guarantee satisfaction to all.

The high quality of the Xpen production process allows us to offer you a lifetime guarantee with each pen.

Your satisfaction is our success.



Welcome to our online Store! We have 2 physical stores located in Albuquerque, our original location in Hoffmantown Shopping Center, and I am very happy to announce our new Downtown location at 3rd and Copper (street level, outside corner of First Plaza). Your pens will be shipped promptly, and personally inspected before shipping to avoid any unnecessary returns. We have a highly qualified staff with experience totaling more than 48 years! Please feel free to call our store if you have any questions about your pen choice, before or after you purchase. We have much more than listed in our webstore and we can certainly place backorders of any pens you are interested in, even if they are not shown in our catalog. We are also happy to take orders for refills-just email us what you are looking for and we will get them in the mail to you.

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